How to Safeguard Yourself from Twitter Hacking

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How to Safeguard Yourself from Twitter Hacking

Social media has led to most of our vital information being readily accessible on the internet. With the advantages of easy communication comes the ease to hack Twitter, Facebook and email among other social media platforms.

Often times people think hackers find it very hard to access their information yet, the hackers gain access to our confidential information when we click on a link to download something that seems harmless and requiring you to key in your login details and consequently leading to hacking on Twitter among other social media platforms.

How to prevent yourself from hackers

Most people don’t invest much in protecting their vital information fromTwitter hackers like they protect their credit cards.

Only use a secure password for your Twitter account

To hack Twitter account, the hackers don’t use sophisticated calculations to get your password rather they simply guess the common things that could be your password. Therefore, it’s advisable to make use of special characters or better yet easy to remember long sentences for your password. Avoid using your name for example.

Allow Twitter two step

Twitter has recently allowed you the option of a feature where in addition to the password, mobile verification is done to warrant you access to your account. This only means that the hackers have to steal your phone too to access the account.

Careful on the short links

Most people follow these famous tiny URLs just to be led to the hacker’s den. I don’t mean that all short URL’s are malicious, I mean this be keen to ensure you are safe if you follow whatever link by confirming its authenticity.

Check a URL again before you log in

Directing you to open strange URLs is a smart move used by hackers on Twitter to direct you to a particular clone website so as to get your vital information and use it to hack your account. Make sure you are more conversant with any link you choose to follow and open.

Careful when using public computers and WIFI

Public computers help you access the fast internet but, it is not at all secure because when the librarian decides to use a particular software to access every little detail you keyed in the computer they will have the option of hacking your account when they need to.

WIFI is good to access the internet but rest assured that with the help of packet data another individual will be able to access your information on whichever account if they want to.

Third-party apps are not so safe either

Third-party apps have led to massive growth of Twitter as a social media platform yet it’s here that you key in some of your information after downloading the app with the aim of easing the Twitter use. Beware of apps you choose to download. In addition, do not grant whichever app access to your Twitter account or else you ease the hacker’s job.

In your company, make sure you control the information access

Although its every employer’s wish to allow their employees to access the company’s Twitter account, it may compromise the information. Using their computer malware, the hacker may be able to access the company’s detail information that they want.

In conclusion, it is the desire of every individual to avoid malpractices that involve hacking Twitter accounts yet some don’t take the necessary protective measures. I would advise you to be very careful when using the internet.

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