Better Hack Twitter Advertising Strategy

Better Hack Twitter Advertising Strategy

Social media marketing- like Twitter hacks- is everywhere at the moment. And there can be little doubt why. It’s accessible, pretty inexpensive, simple and already a part of your customer’s lives. However, the make or break comes with knowing what to do with it.see this blog post to get started.

How do I ‘hack’ Twitter and other social media sites?

Social media is a bout voice. This means reaching out to your customer and engaging them- this doesn’t mean selling at them. It means bringing them into the field and making them interested in your brand and product. Marketing has evolved a lot since the early days of the net. You have to make them your friends in order to make them your customers.

This can be hard to do, so the other secret to hack Twitter and other social media successfully is faking it til you make it. Have a close look at the tone of your competitor’s advertising. Notice what is getting customer engagement and what isn’t. Look at what people like, and what makes them come back to the page. Remember, these people are the milk and bread of your market, and the more you know about them the better.

Don’t oversell yourself.

It may seem contrary when you’re trying to hack twitter to your advantage, but don’t oversell yourself. Social media is meant to be about socializing, not selling, and although the business aspects of the platform come out more and more as it evolves, people don’t want to feel they’re being pushed at or sold too. Aim for contact that encourages them to click through and learn, especially sharing.

This will increase your exposure and your reach, so it’s a great thing to encourage. If you use the blog feed program on LinkedIn, it will automatically reveal the updated posts to the rest of your media sites. Content like polls are always engaging and give customers a chance to feel their voice is being heard. You’ll also get great feedback on ideas and products as well as customers sentiment.

Videos are where it’s at.

No social media and twitter hack stratergy would be complete without video content. Video is the fastest growing online demographic, after all. Video demonstrations, funs stuff and more- it’s all welcome. Surveys generally suggest social media usage is heaviest on weekdays during office hours, so make good use of features that let you control the timing of your social media posts to match too. Automate your Twitter content.


Establishing a solid social media presence is vital for any business these days. Be sure to keep evolving as technology does, and adapt to new challenges as they arise. Remember, social media does provide a mostly free way to sell to audiences, so make the most of it to lure customers into enjoying and interacting with your page. Once they see themselves as loyal to your brand, our selling tactics will be considerably easier. With these simple social media and twitter hacks, doing so will be much easier.

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