Gain More Followers By 7 Twitter Hacks

Gain More Followers By 7 Twitter Hacks


Do you want to gain more followers on Twitter? Here are some Twitter hacks to help you do it;


If you want to use this Twitter hack, you will have to follow current events. To this end, you can use Twitter monitoring which enables all the latest stories to be sent to your inbox. Once the news has been launched, you can use the opportunity to seize the attention you wanted. Since popular news attract large audience, using the news to attract people to your profile and gaining new followers will be easy.

Post Short Tweets

This is a great Twitter hack, as short tweets capturing the attention of the audience will attract those people who do not have time to read long articles (when you post a link to the article in your tweet). Short tips, quotes and useful pieces of advice turned out to be a great way to attract people and get more followers. When the tip is useful, people tend to retweet it. The tweet becomes even more visible as it reaches more people and helps you get additional followers.

Use The Benefits Of Automatic Favouriting

Many companies use this Twitter hack to get more followers. If the tweet contains certain word, hash tag or phrase, it will be automatically favourited. Automatic favouriting makes the user look at the accounts of users who favorited the tweet, and sometimes starts following them. If the tweet gets favourited several times, it will be classified among “Top” Tweets, instead of “All” in the search by the keyword.

Try To Be Helpful

People are often asking different kinds of questions on Twitter – answering their questions and helping them can be a great way to gain more followers.  You can search for certain keywords and check if there are questions asked by Twitter users that you could give the answer to. As you answer the question and build your on line reputation,  other Twitter users will see you as a reliable source of information, which will make your account attractive to them. This Twitter hack is quite underrated, even though people usually check out the profiles of the users that helped them, which makes it an excellent way to attract new followers.

Optimizing Your Bio For Search Results

Popular keywords in your Twitter bio will help the users to find you in search results. Short outline will look much better than numerous hash tags, as the ‘people you can follow’, advertising and search results may be optimized by the keywords from your bio. If you want to use this Twitter hack, be sure to add to the bio the words related to your line of work.

Twitter Chat

Check out the Twitter chats related to your field of interest. You can find the chat using Google search, or you can ask about the best Twitter chats. By using this Twitter hack,  the users are able to communicate with people with similar interests, discuss the interesting topics and get solutions for certain problems.

Off line Promotion

Adding your Twitter handle to your business card is another excellent way to promote your company, and to get followers who will be interested in your activities. Do not forget about this Twitter hack when designing your business card!

We hope these Twitter hacks will help you attract more attention and gain more followers on Twitter,. Get free hacks account at



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