4 Undercover Ways to Hack Social for More Sales

4 Undercover Ways to Hack Social for More Sales

Does ‘Social Selling’ sound like the second cousin of a Twitter Hack to you? Then keep reading for some tips on harnessing the power of social media for your company. Social media offers an easy way to get demographics and information on a customer, from personal interests on up, specially designed to tailor make advertising campaigns- but only if you can access that information.checkout latest updated post at this link.

LinkedIn Hacks for Sales Gurus.

People have hammered into them the need to connect with prospects. However, remember how many people simply don’t spend the same time configuring their own privacy- think how many twitter hacks we hear of. This does mean you are fed valuable info every time they make a new connection. Now, imagine you spend time connecting with other reps too…reps who haven’t taken this basic safety step? You will gain valuable knowledge of who they’re connecting with and reaching out to every time it happens. Spend some time getting to know the program and the valuable info it brings.

More LinkedIn tricks.

SearchQuant is a program that will take a set of parameters you program…namely the attributes you want in customers… and use this to repeatedly peak at the pages of people who match the bill. This should, in turn, make them take a turn past your page to see who you are and why you would be of interest. It allows you to bring context, makes you feel more familiar and give you a good reason to reach out.For more information about hacking techniques, go to http://www.hacktwit.com/

Twitter Hacks to make your day.

Twitter isn’t just for inane thoughts from celebrities. It brings insight into how a person thinks and speaks. This gives you a great opportunity to get a sense for this customer, from their political leanings to the places they frequent. Even not having Twitter at all is a sign. This valuable data, provided so freely, enables you to specially tailor the messages you are sending clients to suit them particularly. In turn, they will fell more receptive to your approaches and more likely to lower their guard and listen to your message.

Follower Wonk is a silly name, but works.

Used correctly, this tool lets you search twitter bios for keywords and locations to look for leads. Think of it as a virtual assistant helping you keep your social media on track. On the plus side, it also favorites things for you to help you stay on the Twitter radar. People respond to familiar faces, and the fact you’ve been seen around- even as you were sipping wine at home- will make you a friendlier face they’re more likely to listen to.

Hack Social

Capitalizing on Social Media as an advertising tool, in the end, boils down to taking advertising to a place it hasn’t been before. Now you need to appeal directly to customers, making yourself friendly and amenable and feeling like a friend. You need to target them where it counts. These LinkedIn and Twitter hacks will help you get it right.

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