How to Safeguard Yourself from Twitter Hacking

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How to Safeguard Yourself from Twitter Hacking

Social media has led to most of our vital information being readily accessible on the internet. With the advantages of easy communication comes the ease to hack Twitter, Facebook and email among other social media platforms.

Often times people think hackers find it very hard to access their information yet, the hackers gain access to our confidential information when we click on a link to download something that seems harmless and requiring you to key in your login details and consequently leading to hacking on Twitter among other social media platforms.

How to prevent yourself from hackers

Most people don’t invest much in protecting their vital information fromTwitter hackers like they protect their credit cards.

Only use a secure password for your Twitter account

To hack Twitter account, the hackers don’t use sophisticated calculations to get your password rather they simply guess the common things that could be your password. Therefore, it’s advisable to make use of special characters or better yet easy to remember long sentences for your password. Avoid using your name for example.

Allow Twitter two step

Twitter has recently allowed you the option of a feature where in addition to the password, mobile verification is done to warrant you access to your account. This only means that the hackers have to steal your phone too to access the account.

Careful on the short links

Most people follow these famous tiny URLs just to be led to the hacker’s den. I don’t mean that all short URL’s are malicious, I mean this be keen to ensure you are safe if you follow whatever link by confirming its authenticity.

Check a URL again before you log in

Directing you to open strange URLs is a smart move used by hackers on Twitter to direct you to a particular clone website so as to get your vital information and use it to hack your account. Make sure you are more conversant with any link you choose to follow and open.

Careful when using public computers and WIFI

Public …

What to Do When Your Twitter Account Gets Hacked

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What to Do When Your Twitter Account Gets Hacked


If you have a Twitter account or any other type of social media, chances are either you or someone you know has had their account hacked. Many people Hack Twitter for a variety of reasons and is good to know how and why it happens to prevent yourself being the next victim!

Make sure to use secure passwords and two step authentication

People who Hack Twitter use many of the same tricks to get into your account. The #1 most important part of good cyber security is to use a secure password that is difficult, if not impossible, to guess or hack into. Many “mastermind” hackers are able to gain access to your Twitter account simply by guessing simple passwords or password questions. There are few keys to choosing an unhackable password: complexity and usability. A secure password, according to many who Hack Twitter, is complex using a series of numbers and letters (both upper and lower case) as well as is something you can easily remember and use. Think Password-123-jogger versus password. These small tweaks can make your account much more secure. In additional to changing your password to something more complex, usable and secure, also make sure you are taking advantage of the two step authentication that Twitter offers. This stops a lot of people who Hack Twitter in their tracks. This is a feature for people who use Twitter on their mobile devices that just adds an extra step before someone is allowed to hack into your account.

Monitor for shortened links and URL when logging in and use security protocols

People who Hack Twitter will tell you this is one of the most common ways to trick you into giving up your login information. If a link looks odd to you, is too short or just seems “wrong,” don’t use it to log in.  It’s ok to be paranoid – this will save your account from being hacked. It’s the same with checking any and all URL links before using them to log in. …

How to Hack Twitter Account?

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How to Hack Twitter Account?

Hacking twitter account is very common and easy nowadays. It even does not require downloading any kind of software. The modern techniques of hacking allow hacking twitter on laptops, iPhone, and other devices. It is not at all difficult to hack twitter now.
You have to ask some of the basic questions from yourself before learning how to hack twitter account?

What is the purpose behind your wish and what is the requirement?

 The first question you would ask yourself is that why do you need to learn hacking twitter account. There could be many reasons behind hacking account. You may be tired of the daily activities and want to try a new activity or you want to entertain yourself and other by posting something unusual to someone else’s account. Most of the adults like to hack account as they want do not want to misuse another person’s account. They rather want to have fun with their friend who would not aware of the fact that his account has been hacked by someone. Many people also want to hack twitter account to gather some personal information about the person.

What will you gain after you attempt?

There are a number of benefits a person get that are further used in a negative way by learning how to hack twitter account. Hacking account means that you are entering into personal territory of another person and now you can access the information you’re required for your gain. It also can be used for taking useful information about the criminals. Yes, it is true as social media account are used to make a comparison of what the person is in reality and what she/he pretend to be.

What is the Worth of Hacking account?

Is the intention or the reason behind learning how to hack twitter account is worthy of your time, physical and mental energy or it is waste of time? There are many there in front of computer screen who just want to pass their time by doing this activity. However, …


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Twitter is a famous social networking site, and multiple sites have provided their services to get it hacked. This article provides information about famous hacking software as well as how to hack a twitter account.

Twitter is an online social networking site that allows its users to read and send tweets which are short messages comprising of 140 characters. It is one of the most used social networking sites with users in millions.

Hacking Twitter is in the role now a days. Previously it was quite difficult to hack twitter but now with competition over the market, multiple hacks have been devised to accomplish the task to hack twitter. Some of the site which allows to hack twitter is as follow:

  • Hackers news bulletin .com
  • Hack olo .com
  • Twitter hacking .com
  • Hack
  • Hack Twitter Net.BlogSpot
  • No Bullying .com

These sites provide following incentives to its users:

  • no software is needed to download
  • no coding and decoding knowledge are required
  • 100% free application
  • Can hack uncountable accounts
  • Fast response time
  • 100% guarantee of non-detection
  • Applicable to work on desktop, imac, ios, android
  • No worries of getting infected by malware during transit.
  • No one can have the idea who hacked twitte

Twitter provides full proof security to its users, but there is a defect in its security loophole that the security measures depend on upon the user. If the user has secured their account with a weak password, then it is very easy to hack a twitter account. All you need is to know how to use a computer and has internet access. Now the question arises here, how to hack a twitter account? You have to follow the following details to hack twitter account:

How to hack a twitter account?

  1. First of all, you need is to go to the web page of the hack providing services.
  2. Now you have to know the username of the account or URL of the account which you need to hack (some software need the name of the account, and some need URL).
  3. Now

7 Creative And Effective Ways To Make Money On Twitter

7 Creative And Effective Ways To Make Money On Twitter

Looking for ideas on how to hack Twitter? Why would you want to hack Twitter if we could tell you some really cool ways to make money on Twitter?? With Twitter, you can always make some extra money as compared to other ways to make money online.

It is true that many people have actually made careers out of the money they earned on Twitter but you don’t have to be a social media freak in order to do that. We can give you some creative ideas on how to make money on Twitter. Let’s see…

1. Sell Stuff Online

It may seem an easy job but you have to remember that people would never anything from you if there is no call-to-action.
Now you’d be thinking, how to start selling stuff on Twitter. The answer to this is rather old school but it’s the best answer. To promote your business, the best idea is to start with some sale offers and discounts. This is the best way to gather more and more potential customers.
No pushy sales! Make sure you follow the big businesses by giving plenty of “daily deals”. There are many other promotional marketing ideas you could take advantage of.

2. Create your own Application

You customers and potential customers are on Twitter and you are fully aware what they do in their free time. How about you make them a Twitter product that they would love? For instance, your audience on Twitter would want an application that would let them produce hashtags automatically depending on the popularity. It’s possible that it’s already there in the market but you can develop something better that your followers on Twitter would post here!

3. Crowdsourcing or Crowdfunding

This is a really good tip for beginners who have no idea where to start and what to sell on twitter. Crowdsourcing an idea would help them start off. It’s basically a practice of gathering different ideas from a large community to develop a simple product or service for …

Gain More Followers By 7 Twitter Hacks

Gain More Followers By 7 Twitter Hacks


Do you want to gain more followers on Twitter? Here are some Twitter hacks to help you do it;


If you want to use this Twitter hack, you will have to follow current events. To this end, you can use Twitter monitoring which enables all the latest stories to be sent to your inbox. Once the news has been launched, you can use the opportunity to seize the attention you wanted. Since popular news attract large audience, using the news to attract people to your profile and gaining new followers will be easy.

Post Short Tweets

This is a great Twitter hack, as short tweets capturing the attention of the audience will attract those people who do not have time to read long articles (when you post a link to the article in your tweet). Short tips, quotes and useful pieces of advice turned out to be a great way to attract people and get more followers. When the tip is useful, people tend to retweet it. The tweet becomes even more visible as it reaches more people and helps you get additional followers.

Use The Benefits Of Automatic Favouriting

Many companies use this Twitter hack to get more followers. If the tweet contains certain word, hash tag or phrase, it will be automatically favourited. Automatic favouriting makes the user look at the accounts of users who favorited the tweet, and sometimes starts following them. If the tweet gets favourited several times, it will be classified among “Top” Tweets, instead of “All” in the search by the keyword.

Try To Be Helpful

People are often asking different kinds of questions on Twitter – answering their questions and helping them can be a great way to gain more followers.  You can search for certain keywords and check if there are questions asked by Twitter users that you could give the answer to. As you answer the question and build your on line reputation,  other Twitter users will see you as a reliable source of information, which will …

How Blogging Landed Me a Dream Job

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How Blogging Landed Me a Dream Job

So we started out this blog with a dream. We wanted to make blogging our full-time income. We started this website claiming that future for ourselves and delving into the art of blogging. And, it worked like a charm!

No, this blog is not paying my bills. Directly, that is. But as I write this I am currently employed, for the most part, to use my skills in blogging.

Let me tell you the story

We started swimming in the world of blogging for the purpose of trading boring, dead-end jobs for something more fulfilling. We wanted this blog, and a few others, to take over our income so we could work full-time, blogging. And that has happened, somewhat.

We saw our earnings jump in one year from averaging around $5 per month in earnings from our websites to making well over $20 per month. But along the way we learned a lot more than just growing our ad revenue.

We learned the art of marketing from a new perspective. I had been involved in marketing for quite a few years. However, the idea of flat-out internet marketing wasn’t something that I spent a lot of time developing.

Until I started this blog.

In the last year I not only learned quite a bit about WordPress, but also the on-site SEO practices to make google love your site. We learned that there are all kinds of things you can do to increase your visibility on the internet. And through a lot of reading and research, the field of internet marketing began to make sense.

Then, the news came that we would be moving to Seattle, WA. A surprise to all of us, but that’s the life of a minister. Sometimes, God just has His own way of doing things.

So, we find ourselves in Seattle and me looking for a job.

The Job Hunt

I put in quite a few resume’s in the marketing field. I was able to get 3 interviews. The first, in person at a great startup …

Get Twitter Followers: How to Increase Your Income

Get Twitter Followers: How to Increase Your Income

Who wouldn’t want to increase the number of their Twitter followers? If you are one of the millions who consider themselves as avid Twitter users, you know the importance of having numerous followers in promoting yourself or a particular brand you have in mind. If you want to get Twitter followers to follow your account, you should look into what can do for you.

Get Twitter Followers

This online site can give you the ideal tools to get Twitter followers to flock to your Twitter account. This is perfect for those who are using Twitter as a means of promoting their business since they can reach hundreds of people with just a single tweet. More followers means increased income and if you want your business to boom, this option is the best one for you.

Business owners and entrepreneurs often make use of various media to promote their brand and their products and since Twitter is another platform that can be used, you should take advantage of the benefits of having more Twitter followers. You don’t even have to wrack your brains on how to get Twitter followers to follow you all the time when you can simply make use of mybuyweb to help you out.

If you want to know the secret to get Twitter followers come your way, you should then make use of the software offered by this company. Not only will you be attracting volumes of people to your site but you will also get to increase your income. It is a win-win scenario that no other online sites and software can provide you.

Don’t be discouraged if your business is not doing so well these days. Chances are you haven’t actually managed to tap into the power of Twitter followers yet. Promoting your company involves a lot of things such as giving special offers to your customers and the more people you manage to send offers to, the higher the chances of you reaping more rewards in terms of money.checkout latest information at

Five Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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Five Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

1. Promote on Social Networks

Sure, you can gain a lot of followers by following as many people as you can find but those followers are also following the thousands other spammers just like you. You have to figure out how to add value to your followers.

Follow this simple rule: Promote your content only 25% of the time. The other75% of the time that you are posting promotions, promote other’s work. This accomplishes two things: First, it shows your followers that you are promoting things for their benefit and not yours. Second, it grows your influence and relationships with the ones you are helping to promote.

Remember to engage and converse. Don’t just post thousands of article links. You are to focus on building relationships not follower numbers. Help people solve their problems and watch the number of other people with problems ask for your advice.

Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIN, Social

2. Submit Your Site to Directories

Directories are old hat when it comes to promoting a website or blog. They’ve been around for a long time. The cool thing is, they still work. A lot of website directories have high Google Page Rank (PR) and give you all that link juice by showing Google that you are important enough to link to.

Most of the good ones are human verified. That means your submission will be reviewed for a few days before they add it to their directory.

The most popular is Open Directory. It’s a little more difficult to get your website listed in this directory so make sure your site looks professional and has all the privacy policies and terms of use pages added.

3. Submit Your Articles to Social Bookmarking Sites

Some of these sites can provide quite a bit of traffic. You will want to provide sharing links on your blog so others can also add them as bookmarks increasing their visibility. I try to add every post to a bookmarking site which helps Google to index the page faster, …

7 Ways to Hack-Proof Your Company’s Social Media

7 Ways to Hack-Proof Your Company’s Social Media

Do Twitter Hacks keep you awake at night? Social media risks are part of the modern landscape, particularly if you’re trying to harness its power for your company. There’s a lot you can do to keep yourself safe and still achieve your goals. Here are some tips.

How to hack twitter passwords- for your safety.

We all know we should have safe passwords- how many of us do? Sadly, ‘password’ and ‘123456’ still rank in the top list of most used passwords. How sad is that? If you want to stay safe out there, you need to use a sensible stratergy to create a strong password- and that’s not Fido’s name or your birthday, guys.

Know who is doing what.

Big companies are prone to letting staff members create LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts for the company willy nilly. Anyone looking to hack Twitter will have a field day with this. Centralize and consolidate those accounts and manage your social media presence properly. You may want to consider using a social media management console in place.

Firewalls for Social media.

Social media management systems, which generally allow you to manage all your accounts across the platforms from one program, also act like a firewall for your sites. Built in malware and spam protection is of great assistance.visit their official website for more details.

Limit who has permission.

Don’t want a disgruntled employee to hack twitter and cause you issues? Make sure your permissions are managed. You social media accounts may impact a huge area of your customer base. Are you really going to trust that intern you’ve just made responsible for Social Media with all of that? A social media console can limit permissions, making it so posts are subject to approval and more to help you manage your image better.

Keep track of your passwords.

Why hack Twitter when some poor fool gives you the keys? Do you even know the passwords for your accounts yourself? Again, a social media management console may help by removing the need …